Friday, April 24


 'Open source Technology' is the hot favourite topic of debate among the digital technocrats of 21st century. Relatively less heard in our country, this concept has gained substantial recognition in recent times in developed countries with both its supporters and opposers equally contributing in its spread. It originated due to the reckless behaviour of a few monopolistic technological giants who started taking undue advantages of the technologies they developed by making them their proprietary rights. The propagators of open source technology believe that human knowledge belongs to the world and one of its primary aim is to provide the users its source code so that it remains in the public domain for modifications which will ultimately help in improving them.

With governments all over the world recognizing its existence, its use is bound to increase very rapidly over the next few years. Our Indian government has also initiated a number of steps to incorporate it in our system. Government run agencies are using them in full. Days are not far away when open source technology will take over the proprietary technology paving the way for a technologically better and prosperous human future.

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