Thursday, July 15


What does a man want? Whenever I ponder over this question, I get the same answer. Freedom! freedom is what a man desperately wants no matter how costly it is. Freedom to live according to own choice is something mankind has always cherished.

But, we do not realize perhaps how costly freedom is! Ask those who have made sacrifices for this. Only they are worthy to answer. Palestinians, Blacks of South Africa, Iraqis... they know the real cost they had to pay or are paying still for freedom. Salute to them who sacrificed their lives to make this world free and equal to all humans irrespective of their race, religion and status. I feel indebted to our freedom fighters for dreaming the impossible.

Fellow countrymen! preserve the dignity of freedom. It didn't come free. Live in harmony with others and respect different cultures for they are the treasures of our own country. We are one nation and everyone of us deserve the same respect no matter from which part of the country we belong to. Let us build together a better, stronger and united India.

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