Wednesday, November 30


What is it that makes us different from other organisms on this planet? Perhaps, it is our ability to form and maintain relationships in social milieu. Therefore, the earlier we understand the economics of relationship, the better we be in appreciating it.

An analysis of economics of relationship reveals that it is one of the riskiest investments a man ever makes in his life. If everything goes well, the returns are extremely satisfying. But, if something goes wrong, it creates havoc in personal life.  

We will now examine how it functions in the real world scenario. 

To nurture a relationship, you make commitments, spend time and invest emotions. The probable beneficial returns are satisfaction, happiness and enlightenment. Returns worth dying for! However, the losses are equally devastating. You get pain, sufferings and on top of that depression!

If you are a high risk taker, you can bear the loss much better because you remain mentally prepared for it. The conservative ones are not so fortunate. They invest after much deliberation and judgment only to see their investments go awry. For them, the loss also casts shadow over their judgmental abilities, a much sought after trait in their own opinion.

So, what are your lessons from this? One, be mentally prepared to bear the loss of your near and dear ones.  Second, conservatives (read sentimental ones) should never look failure in relationships as end of their lives.  And the most important one, always keep in mind that nobody will be with you forever.

Hehehe, on a lighter note, it’s better to lose for then it will pave way for a new rock-star.

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