Monday, September 1

The True Kingdoms

Limbic was the most important planet of Cortex galaxy, located on the inner borders of it. The planet housed two major kingdoms, perpetually at war with each other. The eastern kingdom was called Orient and the western Occident.

Orient was ruled by the king Prude, the successor to the great King Puritan. Prude belonged to the most sacred race of the kingdom, the Upright. He was the protector of Moral religion. He declared Orient an abstinence state and asked his subjects to follow it. The biggest punishment in the kingdom was honor killing.

Occident was ruled by king Pervert. He renamed his kingdom Profane state and declared blasphemy its official religion. Fear was his most favored god. The prime occupation in the kingdom was indulgence. The citizens belonged to the sybarite race. Their favorite past-time was shame hunting, an endangered animal in this kingdom.

It was the period of hedonism and Occident had become a very powerful state. It's expansionist policies had brought it to the doorsteps of Orient. One day, it attacked Orient and after a brief fight defeated & captured it.

To mark his victory,the mighty king Pervert declared woman as the currency of Limbic. His subjects were highly appreciative of this benevolent act of his king. They came up with a number of poems to extol his vices.One of the composition read:

Fear is my savior, pervert my king.
Woman is currency and economy free.
Keep me betrothed to destiny, O Lord of vices & Limbic King !
For use or abuse,
I shall be obliged to him.

#Dark writings

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