Sunday, September 20

Random Thoughts

It takes the life out of me to pretend indifference...

Earlier, it was an aberration; now, it has been a norm...

When you live on the edge, you wait for the fall.

The distinction between the 'due process of law' and the 'procedure established by law' is, I can only say, profound.

To assess whether you have failed the battle or lost the war is a battle against time on war footing.

So, poverty is a cognitive tax. So some one was partially right, but we made fun of him in heaps. 

It's strange that we still talk about generation gap when someone in his seventies dictates the weirdest fantasies of the most avant garde & narcissistic group of this generation. How do you do it, George R.R. Martin?

Vicarious, you have been my reason for perseverance.

Einstein once said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Either Einstein is wrong or my frame of reference is different.

The dilemma to harness technology to unearth moments of intimacy incognito, though it brings legitimate privacy concerns, is what that distinguishes between mortality and morality. 

In every word I write, the meaning is you.

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