Thursday, December 3


Creativity trickles during exam time. Sounds strange but is absolutely true. I bet. Now the exams are over head and so is my overbusy mind churning stories of diverse and passionate experiences. The life, full of ups and downs is one of the most amazing things ever happened to man kind. The pleasures of future and the lessons of past together make the greatest cocktail one may ever experience. I’m delighted that I was born human. But being an engineer is utterly monotonous. It makes us totally unhuman. The same thing being taught for decades by the same faculties who have refused to change themselves. Always basking in the glories of their past they do not realise that this present is entirely different from the past. But whatever be the case, all that is required at present is something natural, something totally different. Is this possible?


When I was in class eight, there was a girl named shreya. A damshell in every sense, she was very down to earth, a quality very rare in beautiful girls. Boys were like anything but mad after her. But she was not interested in all these things. She always said, “We have got such a small life. Why to waste it in such silly things ”. I just loved watching the way she carried herself. Ah! It was an amazing experience that childhood, I wish I could live it again, She was just immaculate. There was not a trifle fault in her creation. Perhaps god too would have been amazed after what he created. We used to go to schools together, her home being just a few metres away from mine and I loved this period more than anything else I wished in those days. We used to talk a lot about so many trivial things, she telling me her dreams and wishes and I just watching her, her smile, her composure, everthing being at its best. It was just awesome. I don’t know what it means to be in love. But during those days, whenever I read any book, its words looked like forming her image and I lying on my bed thinking what she would have been doing now. I wrote in my diaries at nights- what I felt about her, how much she excites me and how her presence fills me with a new passion a new desire to see good in everything. Even her voice was complimentary to her face. Now a days those diaries are in the possession of my mother and whenever my sister has to get some undue advantage from me she just brings out this diary thing in front of my father.

There are so many happy memories of her, everytime I close my eyes and they flash in my mind. One day I was in my school and a boy suddenly proposed her. I was also at the same place where this happened. She just said pointing her finger towards my side, “If you could be like him I would accept your proposal”. I asked that boy to just try some other day as she didn’t seem in the mood to accept his offer. The boy told me that she wanted me. I just laughed and said to him. “You have gone mad”.I was too dumb at that time to even think that this could happen to me. My soul was just not prepared to accept that she could even think of me in her moments. Now when I talk to some of her friends, thery say that she really liked me but couldn’t say this to me. How can I tell them that the same case was with me too.

I remember the last day we talked was when she had to know something about Shymali, three years back. I took admission in NIFFT and changed my number. I didn’t give her my number because I was unable to handle the pain I always got when I talked her. Unfortunately, she also changed her number after sometime and now I am sitting in front of my notebook writing stories about her without knowing where she actually is. Recently I heard one of my friend telling that he met her and she was asking about me, how I was and she was glad to know that I am about to be a responsible person, the only pinch she had was why didn’t I prepare for the IITs again.

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