Sunday, January 3

Childhood again!

Hatred, contempt, complex, disgust
Who is happy anyway?
Hope fades like evening sunshine now and then
I wonder would I be child again!!

Growing loneliness with each passing day
Dreams scaring me every night
Ugly competion breeding ill will
Prepared to sabotage me with full force,
Living these fear moments now and then
I wonder would I be child again!!

But, wish of childhood again?
Isn't a run from life's strains
The inability to change,
and above all a non sense in true sense?

Knowing all these simple and plain,
I wonder still, would I be child again!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Shashank,

    During last chat...i quoted that 'innovations required' for ur blog page....but....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I m thinking now @ the end of the page that i m partially incorrect..

    Keep it up dude and let me know if i could able to enrich the Blog .

    Best Regards
    Rajiv Shanker


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