Friday, October 22


In 2011, I along with my batch mates will be graduating from NIFFT, Ranchi. The few years spent here have been the best of our lives. The year 2011 will bring a smooth transition from academic to professional life for most of us. Life would also be a lot more enjoyable as we would be earning then. But, this transition will also bring with itself the trickiest question that everyone faces in adult life: ‘whether to marry or not?’

Most of the people seldom think before taking a decision on it and the end results have been disastrous for them. Prima facie, their judgments seem myopic and constrained by short term benefits. They simply do not understand that ‘marriage’ and ‘prosperous life’ are two mutually exclusive terms. Also, with the kind of society we live in, it becomes imperative for everyone to raise children after marriage thus further making difficult the already critical situation.

In general, the fantasies associated with marriage have been huge in people’s minds and I witness them every day in the eyes of some of my friends who are eagerly waiting to get placed so that they could marry as early as possible. At a time when they should be thinking about career, they are thinking about wives and children.

Life becomes difficult from the day a man gets married. A cost-benefit analysis of ‘married life’ unambiguously supports this proposition. I have always suggested my friends to think clearly before taking a decision on marriage. I have shared some of my observations with them and I think it would be worth to share them with you too.

These ten reasons strongly support the bachelor life and will act as the invaluable guidelines to lead a normal, tension free life…………………

1. Freedom of lifestyle- An unmarried person has the freedom to choose his lifestyle….. He can decide for himself things like when to sleep and wake up, what to eat and what not, what to wear and what not etc…

2. No need to raise children- Perhaps the most important benefit of staying single is that you never have to worry about children. All your resources and energy that would have been consumed in raising children can now be utilized in productive works.

3. You would be contributing vitally towards controlling population thus serving a national cause………….. A tribute to your country.

4. Freedom from emotional torture and daily melodrama of a typical marriage life.

5. There will be no division in your family as you would not be fighting with your brothers and sisters over some petty issues if you are unmarried. You will live happily with your brothers, sisters and parents throughout your life…… What an ideal situation!!!!!!

6. You will have all your money to spend the way you want… Whether you want to spend it on ‘the African safari’ or on stay at ‘The Taj’ hotel, all decisions will be yours.

7. As there will be no distractions of married life, you will be able to focus on your career and thus will have better prospects of reaching to the top.

8. No need to save money. You will earn and spend thus enjoy life to the fullest extent possible.

9. There will be no need to earn too much. This will help you to lead a good life even on less salary. Since, it has been observed that corruption generally stems from the unethical demands of the family members which a man cannot fulfill with his salary, you will be less corrupted if you remain unmarried.

10. No need to take life insurance cover and cough your hard earned money as premium……

In a nutshell, you will be more humane, honest and happy if you decide to stay unmarried. The onus is on yours friends…………………..

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