Thursday, November 18

Movies!! Boom.......I want loads of them!!

My friends keep asking why I watch so many movies when I have other important things to do in my life like taking care of study, preparing for the competitions, planning for a bright future and so on. Many people also laugh at me when they see me devoting large part of daily life to movies. Even the HR head of the company where I’ll be working in the next few months asked me, “What is it in the movies that you like when most of them are not real and you claim yourself to be a very practical man?” To all of them who are curious to know why I do this, here is the answer:

I watch movies because they take me to a different world. They tell me that there are sufferings but also the people who have conquered them. They urge me to believe in the self and that even I can change the world. They teach me to be happy, take life as it is and above all love it. I think, whatever makes you happy is always good for you. I don’t care if they are just movies. At least, they give hope and what is better than hope. I know I’m quite pragmatic. But, don’t I have the right to enjoy, get lost in the dreams? I’m too a man made of flesh and blood and I can’t be mechanical. I’m ready to trade a million dollar for a single ray of hope and I feel most of you will do the same. Living life is not an easy job, at least in this cruel world where everyone else is your competitor and there are people out there ready to take your place at your single mistake.

So, watch movies and have fun because there is nothing more beautiful in life than happiness and nothing more valuable than the moments of selfless fun. They will be the real treasures for you.

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