Wednesday, December 26


You live life every day. You go to work, come back and have the same routine for the next 365 days of a year. Where on earth do you have time to sit and contemplate!

Writing too has a similar pattern. You write once, you write again and as time flies, you go on filling the papers with same emotions, though words might change.

However, life also throws surprises. It tests you. It wants to know your response. You might argue, “Why surprises! I was happy with my normal life” or you might enjoy it taking it as something to look forward to.

Life, like all geniuses after all, has its own way of doing things and the beauty of life has parallels only in artistic impressions of mankind; writing being one of them.

Thinking about surprises for a writer, they are events and situations where he can’t use his routine, cliched patterns of words; where he has to rediscover his pure, virgin, sacrosanct feelings or else he’ll be a thing of the past.

Using the same corollary as above, I could say that till only a few days ago, it was business as usual for me. I was not writing!

But, as they say no one can stop an idea whose time has come and time has indeed come for an idea which says, “Respect a woman even if she is a whore.” This idea is simply profound. ‘Easy to preach, hard to own; a jugglery of a few words yet the essence of a future utopian universe.’ It also asks not to customize a woman into someone’s wife, daughter or sister while defending her. This should never be a necessity for the justified action.

A woman deserves to be respected because she is a woman. Nothing else!

Think over, ponder & introspect. Once, understood, inculcate. The world will surely be a better place.
will surely be a better place.  

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