Wednesday, September 25


Is this your final decision? Are we splitting up? I could sense pain and anger in Shweta’s voice at the same time. Persuasion was her innate quality. No one could avoid her charm, but today was a different story.

However, she was not going to easily give up. So, to distract her, I said, “We can still be together, but in a different way. You can shift to my place as a friend.”

“Are you out of your mind? What will people say? How will I face my family? Don’t ruin me, if you don’t have the balls to handle me.” She almost cried.

“Darling, accept me as I’m. I have been honest throughout. Hurting you has never been my intention. I love you and you love me. But, this is not sufficient for our marriage. What I’m offering you is a solution where we can both live happily.”

The conversation was getting more serious.

“Oh! You think that living together without marriage is the panacea.”, sarcasm was evident in every word she spoke, “People will brand me slut. My family will have no place to hide. Your family will also be persecuted. Your thinking, your words, your actions: all have become pathetic now.”

She was not going to relent.

It was time for me to drop my "Little Boy" & "Fat man" on her losing "Japanese" heart. “I’m not going to marry anyone else in future. You can live with me till the time you want. We will never make love, and I will get all these conditions documented through a legal contract whose violation could be challenged in a court of law."


#Let's see how this moves further.

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