Wednesday, September 25

Murmuring of Fickle Mind

I couldn’t tell then because I didn’t want to look desperate.

Now, many months have passed and the irony is, “I’m still looking for a chance. For these months, I have been yearning only for her.”

I have had endless conversations with me. A number of times, I have convinced myself that it was never supposed to happen.  But, every day, when the sunlight fades and the dusk embraces night, I remember the kohl in her eyes. And, the night gets darker, beautiful, and precious.

The infectious smile, the personal touch, the joyous attitude- Reminiscence abounds the heart as the gentle breeze blows though the spring of the past.

I know that the distance was bound to happen. The dream had to shatter. I know, “Ordinary people can’t live extra ordinarily”. But, so fast! I couldn’t even live those moments, and the separation happened.

Was it hard?  ‘Just impossible to bear’

Why now? Because she is even into my dreams now! I wake up remembering how she looked when I was enchanted by the contours of her face neatly drawn to perfection. Who could forget the vibe of her presence enthralling the audience?

There is never going to be anything better than those beautiful gone days.

It’s been six months since I last saw her. I need to go back to her. I have to say her, “I love you and I can’t live without you.”

In the meantime, somebody let me know when the next UPSC exam is.


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