Monday, January 26


The story deals with a boy whose younger sister was suffering from schizophrenia. The boy loved her sister much . But he could do nothing to improve the pathetic condition of her sister. As the days passed her sister's condition deteriorated furthur and ultimately a day came when her sister committed suicide. The boy who could never separate from her sister for a day had to pass the entire life alone without her sweet sister. He deviated towards the drugs and it became an addiction for him. How did he overcome his habbit and become one of the best neuro specialist in the world wait for the story to come.

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  1. bhai, tum me likhne ki, bato ko prakat karne ki badi achhi kawiliyat hai. iska estemal karna, duniya ko bahut kuchh milega......apne is hunar se duniya ka praya mat karna...........keep expressing urself, best wishes to u..kumar mrityunjay


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