Monday, January 26

India at present

When I think of India at present my mind starts thinking of two ends of a river who can never meet. India is just like that; two different India sharply contrasting each other who can never be the same. At one end it is the world's second fastest growing economy and at the other end a home for the largest number of poors who cannot evn afford to have enough food for themselves. It has always been said, "India is a land of diversity". But is this the diversity about which we are proud? I think most Indians would reply a plain no. Then why is our country like this? Is there any solution? It is very easy to join the chores and condemn the government of the country when something is wrong. But it is equally tough to placce oneself in that situation and bring out a solution which is better than the previous one.

To me the solution seems in changing ourselves and changing the way we conduct ourselves in social and political contexts. The whole system needs revamping. To start with, people should begin to take active part in the political process of the country. Youth should come forward to take the responsibility of carrying the country firmly in the coming years of twenty first century. When we say that politics has become dirty, we actually make mockery of ourselves. The politicians are not aliens. They are the products of the same society where we born. A society does not stand alone. People constitute the society. Doesn't this mean people are the problems of the society and they themselves are its solution. If we think, we can conduct ourselves morally better in our public life, we should try to replace those politicians who have failed in their assigned tasks. Sitting idle and abusing the system won't do the damage control. If we can do something better and faster, we will be able to change the course of future of our country. If can not India will continue to show the diversity, the high society foreign social activist seek for; which they capture and show to the entire world slapping us right in our face for our disgusting inability.
The one billion Impotent Indians!

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