Thursday, February 11

Let’s Speak Out

Words have always been like the ice in scorching heat solacing the weakening soul burdened through the ages. If we could have said a few things we wanted, we would have been happier than what we are at present. We all feel this but do not express. But, when someone starts preaching this, we call him saint. All of us are humans made of flesh and blood which manifests in itself some feelings we want to share with others but few have the courage to do so. The beauty of life lies in its uncertainties. How would it be when we know all the future things? Life would lose its charm and so the living.

We all have moved so fast in our lives we do not have time to sit and look back. We do not want to cherish whatever little we have done in our lives. We always run for something more and when we realize this was not what we aimed for It has always been too late. Why don’t we accept the life as it is and enjoy whatever happiness comes in. Do we need someone to teach us what we must do when someone shows love to us? This is so natural but still we go to some priests and Pujaris to teach us how to live which the whole life of us has tirelessly tried to tell.

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