Tuesday, November 30

Global Warming: Just a Possibility or a Proven Eventuality

Global warming refers to increase in earth’s temperature due to increase in the concentration of green house gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor etc. in the atmosphere. At present, it is one of the hotly debated topics around the world. Developed and developing countries both are assessing repercussions of this man-made problem. Even among the different societies across the world, there is renewed awareness about its fallouts. Still, from certain quarters, we hear that this problem is not as acute as it is being projected and some predict that it might actually be helpful in agriculture and forestry. Such kinds of assessments are creating doubts in the minds of the people and the governments. There is concern somewhere down the road that global warming might only be a possibility not an eventuality.

It is easier for the people to fall for the fancier arguments which advocate status quo i.e. making no efforts to counter global warming because it saves money and efforts.

Humans have been indiscriminately exploiting natural resources, producing waste in the process. There is a limit up to which the nature can itself repair the damages due to human activities. Unfortunately, we have crossed this threshold. Now, it is our responsibility to protect nature otherwise the future generations will be in danger of extinction.

The biggest obstacle in the expedition of human efforts towards countering global warming is the slowness of changes occurring in the environment. When scientists say that in the next hundred years, the earth’s temperature might increase by 2-6 0C, people don’t understand the implications of such minor change. Besides, the recent controversies surrounding IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), an apex body of U.N. on climate change, have only dent the credibility of efforts towards mitigating climate change. Also, the propaganda of various multinational organizations all over the world which would be hit the most by the implementation of efforts against global warming has created suspicion in people’s minds.

Global warming is for real. There might be arguments about the severity of its harmful effects and the period over which it will be a full-fledged problem, but there shouldn’t be any doubt about it being the worst problem for us and our future generation. Even, at present, the climate change is causing huge devastation to human life and property all over the world. Untimely rainfall, drought, tsunamis, earthquakes, these are indications of an impending danger ahead. Polar ice cap and glaciers are melting fast resulting in increased sea levels. The island cities and countries might drown in the near future.

Different summits have taken place all over the world to discuss global warming, UNFCCC at Rio de Janeiro in 1992, Kyoto, Copenhagen etc. to name a few. Still, nothing concrete has been achieved. Economists have predicted the cost of countering global warming which runs in billions of dollars. This cost might also be a region why countries all over the world are reluctant to take actions. But, it should be clearly understood that life on this planet is more valuable than anything else. It has to be saved at any cost. If we want our future generation to prosper, we have to act now.

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