Monday, January 4


  Respect is a mischiveous thing. I have been taught for years to respect my elders. But, most people say I am not good in showing respect to others. I do not wish them properly and talk to them like an idiot.  'ARROGANT' is what they say I have become. Well I do not deny this fact completely but who else is not!!!!!!  I  have a  quote for them: "Respect is not demanded, it is commanded".

Few days back I was chatting with a relative (Name & identity withheld otherwise I don't know what would happen). I asked him a few things and suddenly he became furious. He told me that I had been trying to be oversmart and disrespectful. I was  perplexed. I thought what the hell did I do to let him think so. But then, I realised It was not his fault. Although there was nothing vulgar in my talk he assumed the other way because it was a perceptual error on his part. He had already framed a negative  perception about me and whatever culminated in his mind was a result of it.

It's not that I am worried about what he thinks of me. So many people think lots of  things about others. I cann't be an exception. But I am definetely worried about the reasons he cited for the dislike he  has for me as these are the reasons cited by most of the immature elders as an excuse to curse their youngers. It's my duty to tell them to correct their stands, stands which have been founded on medieval world principles and which have no significance in the present day world.

I have always held this belief, "The way you think, the way you become." If you live in a conservative environment, It is most likely you will become conservative. You will start thinking about the trifle things like why someone doesnot bend his knees to touch your feet everytime he meets you. I always wonder there are so many topics to think about for these elders but all they care about is that why ain't a woman covered his head when she is in front of them. Such people try to act like  moral police telling others what to do and what not to do in life. They try to take charge of our lives thinking as if we are the puppets and they can dictate us in any way.  But all I say to them is why don't they care about global warming, illiteracy, healthcare, hunger deaths, women emancipation, criminalization in politics. etc.  for these are the burning problems in front of us and if they contribute, we all would be more prosperous and happy in the days ahead.

But,Will they ? No way man. They will tell us not to stand for the rights because they have never stood themselves. They will tell us to let other children suffer the curse of illiteracy because they are not ours, let the women in other houses suffer because it is their fate and let the earth warm up because It's not our job to take care of it. In their views the only noble job they have  is to find faults in the youngsters and they do it with full precision.

 Well, all I can say to such people is to wake up. The world has moved very fast in the last few decades. If you do not catch up with the rest you would soon become irrelevant. The coming generation is not going to listen to  the hypocrites.

                   My Dear Elders: When would you grow up!

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