Friday, January 15

No one wants to be Chatur!

Chatur chamatkar, no one wants to be like him. Everone is in love with Phunsuk Wangdu, the holder of five hundred patients. And why not? He is the real educationist, the show stealer. He taught the right way to study.  But, did we even analyse what was Chatur’s fault.Forget about his physical habbits and concentrate on the rest.  He was born a child like anyone else and perhaps was intelligent too. But, he was afraid, afraid to take on the world, a world which appreciated continuity over innovation. He preferred to carry on himself in the way the entire world wanted from him. It was a systemic failure which encouraged him to follow the traditional lines of learning and eventually made him the culprit.

Do we ever realize there is a Chatur and a Wangdu both residing in all of us. But, most of the times it is Chatur which prevails in our mind over Wangdu and this is not so because we want it. But, because we are too afraid to do things differently. I suspect those who criticise Chatur, are perhaps in  actual like him or are forcing someone to be the same  for otherwise they would have known the root of the evil. Remember, no one is born Chatur. It’s the system that makes someone so.

Instead of criticizing Chatur for the way he is, we must work to revamp the system. Let’s conquer our fear and make this world a better place for the innovators and the unconventional thinkers. Shiv Kheda was absolutely right when he said, “Great people don’t do different things. They do things differently”. One day,the world will be full of Wangdus if we start acting like him, that is, working differently.

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