Friday, August 29


“Where are you?” a soothing voice came from behind and I returned back to the present. I looked up and saw Raj. He was standing in front of me smiling. “What happened ”; he asked. Whom are you thinking about? I’m here for the last ten minutes and you didn’t recognise me. I had heard that love makes blind and I think I don’t need proofs now.
Love! the word struck me immediately and smile came on my lips. Yes I was thinking about my love , about Ishika and the last day we shared together. It was like reaching the heaven and then being deprived of it. How romantic the day was! I wished I could make it longer. This was the day when I proposed Ishika for the first time in our one year old relationship. How much I had to convince myself for this and finally we enjoyed it. She was gone now but her sweet memories were still fresh in my mind. I was in deep dream of the previous day when Raj interrupted me.
Well friends , I have not introduced myself. I ’m Asmit Prakash and Raj is my childhood friend. Raj knows about my affair. I told him about yesterday. He was delighted when he heard it. “Finally you conquered her man. Are you the same who used to get perspirated when we talked about girls”; he smiled. I also smiled. He was true to some extent. Those were the days when I was in the teens. My friends were always excited about the pretty girls they saw in schools and streets. The whole discussion in my group always centred on girls. Thus there was a lot of difference between what they thought and what I, but still we were glued together because we loved one another.
Anyways, change is the rule of nature and I too followed . My days in IIT -Bombay and then in IIM-A changed me completely. There I knew to be practical and professional in life. By the time I ended my studies i had thrown most of my ideologies into recycle bin of my brain.
During my M.B.A. course I was selected for the post of investment banker in the Singapore branch of A.B.N. AMRO bank. I was pretty happy . My course was to finish on June 6 . My passport and visa were ready and all I had to do is to wait and pass time.
Days passed on and ultimately the day came which was in my dreams. I don’t know why we Indians feel so great when we go abroad. May be this is because the glamour fascinates us or we Indians are very much prejudiced about our own country. Whatever be the reasons I was happy too. I reached Delhi airport half an hour early to avoid any unexpected problem. At the right time iI took my seat. Passengers were entering one by one when I saw a girl coming into. My eyes stuck to her. She was the sweetest girl i had ever seen in my life. Her eyes were like ‘water flowing in the river’ as if wanted to say something. Her hair was long and curly. She had put little lipisic on herlips and it was adding charm to her beauty. She was one those prettiest girls on earth on whose creation even god wondered how was this possible.
She came and sat next to me. I was still gazing herwhen she asked ,”will you please stop staring me”. I felt ashamed. “What I’m doing” , I thought. By this time all passengers had taken their seats and plane was about to fly. “Hi”, I said. She didn’t respond.
TO BE COTINUED....................

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  1. marvellous...puri 5pt someone ki copy lag rahi hai...sidney sheldon waali novels ka asar dikh raha hai...


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